Facts about US-China trade services

US and China had a good relationship and their trade where the largest when compared with other countries. When you look at the facts of import and export options within the countries, the range is considered to be largest and those where taken in good trade terms. The trade of each country had a huge jobs allocation for china people and China has created job for their people in China as well as over US based companies. It raised the value of China in its production and manufacturing exports. These two countries has good ties and it is detailed in https://www.chinausfocus.com/us-china-economic-ties/


There are many facts about these two country import and export ratio. They are

  • China was the largest export in US market and also as a supplier it has the largest supply chain.
  • US goods export was reported to be 120.3 billion dollar in 2018 according to China market rating and import was around 539.5 billion dollar. So China and US had a good trade relationship. This relationship in brief can be checked with https://www.chinausfocus.com/tags/china-us-trade.
  • Top export categories of China were aircraft, machinery, optical and medical instruments, electrical machinery and vehicles. Thus import categories are electrical machineries, machinery, furniture, toys, plastics and sports equipments.
  • Apart from machinery products, there are many agricultural products which is equally used with import and export options.

As the US trade has now increased its tax terms with China goods, there is a chance of trade war that may affect many these facts. It can reflect in every product manufacturing and working.