How to become a home health nurse- Salary

Working in home care nursing can be appealing if you want autonomy and independence in deciding your schedule or the amount of salary you want to get paid. You will be able to serve patients in the comfort of their houses in a personal and convenient setting. If you want to work beyond a typical 12 hour shift at the hospital, this can be an option for you. The job opportunities for home care nursing is rising as the demand for it is also rising. Home healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries and demands a lot of time and experience.

home care nursing

Requirement to become a nurse

In order to become a home health nurse, you need to have certain educational requirements such as a degree from an accredited nursing program or an associate degree in nursing. There are many levels of home health nursing but regardless of the levels, the home health nurses must value the individualized care, autonomy and family-centered care. Additional education is not required but they can advance their practice by pursuing advanced practice nursing from their state. Some home care nursing positions require the nurses to have at least 1-2 years of prior healthcare experience. Home health nursing is all about working within patients’ homes so they must coordinate with the doctors to receive their assignments and then must drive to patients’ homes to perform the necessary nursing care. They will perform the tasks based on their credentials.