The best contribution to the people in Pakistan


Bashir Dawood and MariyamDawood were the pioneers who teamed up in order to lead to the foundation to the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre which can be something to bring great reforms to the society. The YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre has become a connection and reaching out to at-risk for the young people which can be motivated through the educational and enrichment activities.

This could be something which could help motivate and inspire the youth to discover all the maximum fullest potentials. The motto of this foundation is to strive to reintegrate the teens and build a better society which can help the youths to choose their own paths. The two pioneers namely Bashir Dawood&MariyamDawood always conducted the best  F1 races that could be inspiring for the youth in the form of chasing the feasible dreams.


Strategy to bring innovative minds?

Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood were the first reformers who could think about bringing a great change to society. They could be enough to inspire the minds of the youth. They were the first to conduct the F1 races which were completely something greater than sknoky being the series of exciting automobile races. This could come embodied along with the power of knowledge which could bring a lot of revolutions.


Bashir Dawood and MariyamDawood were eventually successful in bringing the most creative as well as the innovative minds which could be made through the selection of industries that were all falling under the shared goal.