What are the functions of credit rating agencies?

Credit rating agency has gained significant popularity within the financial market because of its functions. This agency collects information from credit agencies and calls for expert guidance to summarize the data about particular investors and the credit quality. The credit rating hong kong agency is one that has huge functionalities in this field. The summary of information can be analyzed to get along various countries and options.

It rates the debtors about their pay back quality in timely manner. It is a large scale work that includes the capability of pay back operation being default. The result of this analysis is used by investors to use with debt securities. Thus key functions of credit rating agencies are

  • Provides risk factors and return basis
  • Provides superior information
  • Enhances corporate image
  • Low cost information
  • Guides through the formation of public policy


As the hong kong credit rating agencies work with the process of various checks, one has to consider moving in the information processing and credit rating. The analysis made through the rating agencies are considered to be the valuable understanding which facilitates through further research and examination. This allocates quality rating that includes the multiple processing of information. It is important to utilize the methodologies within evolution and information that takes along different rating agencies for authenticity. As the insights of investment options are considered along opportunities to risk factors. It will help in examining the further research and take along different idea of methodologies with investment.